Amenat Coffee

As to Amenat Coffee, we don’t take so much pride just on the above facts. Do you want to know what we really are proud of? Sit back and proceed!

Established back in December 2019 and led by amazing women business people, Amenat Coffee is a reliable and trustworthy coffee supplier that has the best specialists in sustainably sourcing the highest quality Ethiopian coffee beans for customers in South Korea, China and Turkey in Asia, Europe, and the US.


Our mission is to deliver the finest coffee beans to coffee lovers worldwide while also improving incomes of coffee farmers, who devote their entire life to and depend on growing coffee.


We aspire to be the leading coffee supplier from Ethiopia, in particular, and East Africa, in general, to the world in less than ten years’ time.


We are very honest with ourselves and the people we work with in general. We adhere to our moral and ethical principles and values.

Coffee lovers deserve the best sips of coffee. Also, farmers deserve a fair price for their hard work. We are the equilibrium while, however, making a fair profit for us to keep going. We also play and appreciate others to play very fair in gender, which the Ethiopian coffee business lacks.

We support small scale coffee farmers in various areas, including developing potable water so they have a quality life. We also help their children have access to quality education by setting up mobile libraries, ICT centers, among others. This will make them more efficient and effective in what they do-producing finest coffee beans. We are committed in making them love coffee production as coffee lovers love drinking coffee.

Farmers and our employees in the coffee processing would get as much training as possible so we come out to the market with the best beans possible. This will help us make sure that we are off limits.

We love coffee so much but we love people more. We therefore value and cherish our relationships with every one including farmers, employees, buyers and roasters, and even though in the transportation and custom clearance.

Team Amenat

Medina Hussein

Managing Director

I am a B.Sc. graduate in Plant Science. My academic exposure helped me to know more about coffee and plantation. For the last seven years, I have been engaged on something I love-coffee.

Ayalnesh Feyissa

Export Documentation

I am a B. A. holder and over 11 years of experience, two of which in the coffee sector. I love my work at Amenat. Over the years, I became so familiar with coffee and I even sometimes feel like talking to the beans. Amenat is going to be great in few years, so I and my dear colleagues.

Tarekegn Zeberga

Warehouse Manager

My experience in the coffee sector is as old as Amenat's. I am a hardworking man dreaming to grow together with my company. I love coffee so much. My day depends on how many cup of coffee I have. I drink between five and seven cup of coffee. Any lesser would ruin my day.


Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)


Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association (AACCSA)
Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA)
Association of Women in Business (AWiB)
African Fine Coffees Association
Women in Coffee